Friday, August 22, 2003

The FIRST one

Well here goes, my first blog ever! Really! All I am trying to do here are:

1. Avoiding any semblance of 'real work' like working on the data work for my thesis,
2. Attempting to see my name on the web in the public domain, even if not exactly as shiny and starry as I always imagined it ought to be... hmm.

I just swore to myself that I would not get sucked into the quicksand of chatting in the Calcutta chat rooms of Yahoo! Chat for at least the next three days. The theory is that this will give me more time to spend on my 'real work'. Of course ever since I made this rather well intentioned yet desperate kasam nothing of the sort has happened. The fact remains that I will be going home for three weeks on the 27th - five days from now - and the paper needs to be done by october!

My advisor is a very sweet mild mannered man - I am sure that I am nothing like who he expected or hoped his first ever 'advisee' to be. The thing he needs to realise is that two things drive me - a fear of my inevitable absolute failure becoming public and guilt!


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