Monday, August 25, 2003

A big fat greek wedding!! :D

Today was the wedding of my classmate Alexey and Angie. I have been sharing an office with Alexey for the last five years, and the last year and a bit that he has been dating Angie is the happiest I have ever seen him! I attended with Gayle, another classmate, roomie and all around great friend, and her boyfriend Peter. The wedding took place at St Demetrius (sp?) Greek Orthodox Church in N. Chicago. The bride looked beautiful and Alexey very proud. He was also very dehydrated and managed to faint in the middle of the ceremony!! Luckily he recovered soon and finished the ceremony pale but fine. The guests were mostly from the bride's side - but the groom's side made up in variety! We counted Russians, Belorussians, Thai, Canadian and Indian (moi of course) among the groom's guests. I was very visible in a yellow almost ochre sari - which garnered a lot of compliments. Mostly though I felt that they were a polite expression of surprise at my dress !

The wedding reception / party was fun and loud and involved traditional Greek dancing. Angie's dad surprised us with a solemn round of twirling and legs in the air dancing. It was a charming and sweet display. We left around 10:30 after a little shaking of the ankle on the dance floor (nah, I just pretended). Hopefully I will be able to post some pictures from the wedding soon.


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