Thursday, January 29, 2004

Not "Another of those cookery blogs" gasp!

My friend Gati has decided to jump into blogging as a perfect way to pretend to do something useful while avoiding work as usual. He owns what he calls Another of those cookery blogs. However I think he invests way too much feeling into talking about food to think of it as just another thing to tick off on his "to do" list!

On the same optimistic note let me try to restart my moribund efforts at blogging. Since food seems to be on everyone's mind - whether talking of why the French are thinner than Americans (apparently because they enjoy their food more) or waxing eloquent on the many splendors of boiled potatos - let this blog be dedicated to food too!

I was trying to find the appropriate link for the French story above but bumped into a link for A Cookbook for Real Food. The recipes look very yummy and for a change simple enough to learn by cooking once. I mean they look like you won't have to look at the recipe if you want to make it a second time or beyond.

To be continued...


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