Monday, April 04, 2005

My neighbor thinks I am starting a rock band...

So I got home on Friday and found a notice on my door from Fedex, advising me of a package that they had left for me next door. I duly went and rang Delores' doorbell. She is a sweet lady, who was quite happy to see me, and showed me the 'package' to pick up.
Now keep in mind that I was expecting a plant stand from Target, something like a smallish table with a round top, so imagine my surprise when I find a big box and a small one. They contain, according to the box a Yamaha keyboard and a stand for it!! The packing slip on the box however insists that it contains a $30 plant stand addressed to me instead of this $300 noise-creating thingy. Does that mean that somewhere in this world there is a mystified (or agonized or frothing at the mouth - take your pick) music lover who has received a tiny little table instead of his precious keyboard?
I called up Target and happily enough found a real human being to talk to within about 45 seconds (at 7:30 PM on a Friday - that is a big deal for a customer-service 800 number!). He was able to organize a UPS pick-up for the damn thing all the while giggling away furiously as was I. Now it does not look like I will be getting my plant stand at all as its not even on Target's website anymore. Will the keyboard playing, music-loving (hopefully) soul return my plant stand and will it then meander its way through the intricacies of an e-tailing operation to me? What if life is even more complex and the plant stand went instead to someone who had ordered (say) an ebony slate pool table?? Who got the pool table then? And finally, why oh why did I not receive an iPod instead, in which case I would have just slunk away quietly and polished my tarnished halo in a corner.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

He He! So someone wishes for ohh so coveted "iPod" these days. I had the distinct impression that you were doing fine with your ohh so compact Panasonic CD player which you found to your dismay plays mp3s as well. So the snubbing upon and looking down on "iPOD" days are over it seems. And as far as the keyboard set coming to ur doorstep by mistake(courtesy goof up on Target's part)...looks to me was some sort of divine intervention...SomeONE really wanted you to be a rockstar and still is finding ways to get you started it seems.
Anyways love to read your stuff. Keep writing.

April 21, 2005 11:54 AM  
Blogger Urmea said...

No, no only if its for free! Seriously I liked the iPod from pretty early days (when I couldn't afford it) but investigated it to death pretty recently and decided against it!
I am glad you dropped by :)

April 21, 2005 7:13 PM  

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