Sunday, September 11, 2005


Inertia is one of those things that, as I keep mentioning, drives me (nuts - and others too). Which is why I write three posts some week and then none for a while...
I have also been busy. Work - yes I work too you know and a jolly sight more regularly than back in grad school. To paraphrase, that keeps me busy and my mind off the devil's work. Not that I am sure what the devil's work is, but now I am just rambling.
So I managed to attend the first of four sessions of a beginners' level Thai cooking class. The students are an eclectic mix of Bay Area people, a little noisy and we seem to love food, and did really well in the kitchen. I know cause we cooked for three hours and then turned aorund and had a lovely dinner party with the stuff we had cooked. Yummy! (A wink goes out to Priya)
I also went to see Salaam Namaste at the Naz8 in Fremont yesterday. Now why didnt anybody mention that it is a masalafied, khichried remix of the Hugh Grant starrer Nine Months? The idea strangely enough takes on a freshness in the desi context but on the whole, a B- it is. Maybe a B for keeping the family jing-bang-lot out of the story and Javed Jaffery is just hilarious, "When in Rome, do the Romans" indeed, hah.
Ok, nothing else to write about except that I drove on the Bay Bridge for the first time, fairly eventlessly.
Update: See this review by eeesh! to get a better idea of what I meant about Salaam Namaste. She says it with a great deal more verve than I did!

Sunday, September 04, 2005


My current obsession is this little piece of code that helps me waste time.