Friday, November 10, 2006

Yes, hello.

I won't even bother pretending to be sorry for not having posted in a loooooong time. In fact since before one had heard of terms like "macaca". So first the meta-stuff. This is a brief post about some good eats, a new blogger on the block and anything else I remember before I sign out.

First up, Champa Garden - its a Vietnamese-Lao-Thai place run by a sweet Vietnamese guy and his Thai girlfriend's family. The food is uniformly good, spicy and plentiful and not mucho dineros either. Please if you live anywhere near Oakland - do try it!! I love their Pad WoonSen salad (full of Thai chilli flavor) and the Nam Kaew (Rice ball salad - very like the Nam Kao Tod at Lotus of Siam that I had commented on earlier.

Oh an old, old friend has decided to blog. He is otherwise a concocter of Crocin-laden cough-drops (excuse the inaccuracies, Bhuts, I was going for the alliteration here) and horrible PJs. Please to give loud welcome to the writer of diaries and snake-charmer extraordinaire - Sayon!!

Hmm, what else - not much - shall go watch Kshudhito Pashan tomorrow and may even end up watching "Mera Sapna Money Money" [Aside @Sagnik: "Child are you sure there even is a movie by that improbable name??? Sigh"]

Oh well, till next time, pip-pip and all that - and oh yeah - Macacas Rule!!